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Today, the Henrico County Police Chief toured Youth Corporation Inc’s headquarters and CHUBBS BUZZ facility in regards to a partnership that would impact inmates in Henrico County jails. The visit was an opportunity for him to show support and gratitude towards those working hard every day on behalf of our community. The tour was kicked off with a presentation by officials from YCI who discussed how this would improve lives for those reentering society after incarceration, reduce recidivism rates among probationers and parolees as well mitigate gang-related violence on released prisoners through job training programs.

At the CHUBBS BUZZ facilities located in Henrico County, many different cultures are coming together to rebuild the country during the Covid-19 epidemic! This past Labor Day, representatives from Life Church in Atlee, Virginia, friends from Africa, and the families in the community came together to laugh, play games, and relax during the final days of summer. We held an event with a diverse group spanning four generations, two continents, and three countries with representatives from the USA, Africa, and Mexico.