Ms. Elizabeth Charity, founder of YCI met with Steve Melia.

The book “30 Ways in 30 Days To A Better Life.” author by Steve Melia is a book that has one main goal …. to help you achieve your dreams. Take 30 days. Invest into your future. And live your dreams. Steve Melissa is an author, comedian, network marketer, and philanthropist. Steve is a highly sought-after inspirational speaker.

We want to congratulate Liz Charity, founder of YCI, for taking and completing Clark Construction’s Strategic Partnership Program.

The completion of this program marks another step in YCI’s journey toward saving the youth by providing essential training and services to at-risk youths. YCI’s Eric Wickenhouser, a board member, will be leading YCI in all things construction. We have plans to deliver a curriculum to participating correctional facilities in order to train youth in the art of building. Career paths abound and there is a strong need for tradespeople in this current day and age. YCI is here to create jobs and job-ready individuals.

YCI and Clark’s Construction do not have an active partnership. This write-up celebrates our founder’s completion of Clark’s Construction Strategic Partnership Program and should not be misconstrued as an actual partnership between the two parties.

From Clark’s Construction:

Our commitment to small businesses extends beyond any contracting goal. For more than a decade, Clark has invested in the growth and development of small businesses nationwide through our Strategic Partnership Program – an executive education course designed to give small business owners a solid foundation for smart, sustainable growth. Since its inception, nearly 1,200 entrepreneurs and business leaders have completed the program nationwide, opening the doors to greater economic opportunity while strengthening our industry and communities.

Youth Corporation, Inc. is honored to participate in the organization and actuation of the 1 million children March at the Capital on September 17, 2022, from 1:00 pm – 2:00 pm. We are highly concerned about the state of our country with regard to gun violence and child harm. We have acquired the necessary permits and permissions to exercise our right to assemble and speak out on these heartbreaking issues. YCI is officially calling for action from the governor’s office. Each leader of Virginia’s government has taken an oath to protect and to serve the people of Virginia, including children.

Governor Youngkin, will you speak out? Will you raise the flag with us and call for the end of child harm?

Youth Corporation, Inc. is a private company with outstanding shares of stock. Youth Corporation, Inc works to provide “socially challenged” young adults with the opportunity to experience true change. Our solutions are creatively engineered to be both strategic and compassionate. We believe that we can break the cycle of recidivism in distressed communities and build better societies if we effectively and affectionately prepare our young adults for life by facilitating authentic, self-actuated growth. In doing so, we help them develop their character and gain the knowledge that they will use as they become sound-minded individuals leading joyful, productive lives.

If you would like to purchase shares of stock or get involved, contact us.

Saturday, July 16, 2022 at 4:00 pm

Craig Johnson, President of First Amendment, Inc. joins us as a special guest on WRWK 93.9 FM. is a news and political analyst, commentator, and radio talk show host of The REALLY, Real, Deal with Brother Craig the Hatchet Man.

Craig joins Elizabeth Charity, founder of Youth Corporation Inc, on a talk show taking place during YCI’s ”Save our Children” campaign. Save Our Children is an open-source (if you want to help, get in touch!) focus project designed to raise awareness and promote and protect the lives of children. In “Building Better Societies,” we speak openly to people from all walks of life and discuss topics ranging from abortion to gun violence.

Join Craig Johnson & Elizabeth Charity.

Questions for the audience:

What do you think of Roe V. Wade? How do you believe reversing this law affects our children’s lives?
Do you believe people will think twice about getting an abortion?

What do you believe the USA can do to help educate our youth on teenage pregnancy?

Do you believe pregnancy should be a joint responsibility of the immediate family?

Abortion is covered in insurance policies for public employees only in cases of life endangerment, rape, incest, or fetal impairment. What are some cases that may not be on this list?

What is your view on Gun Control?

What are some of the new laws on guns—are they more effective in stopping the killing of the innocent, or are they not?

Youth Corporation, Inc is excited to celebrate the coming end of recidivism. That’s right—we believe that we will not only witness, but take part in the ending of the cycle that promotes divesting disenfranchised communities rather than investing in them. Our mission is to help individuals who are being treated as problems to be treated as people instead. We work tirelessly in an effort to raise awareness about how we can ameliorate the issues of mass incarceration, recidivism, and community devastation. Our goal is simple: end it, all of it, however, a huge mission takes a huge faith and often times requires huge help.

That is why we are following up President Biden’s words with actions of our own. We are doing the heavy lifting: reaching out to local activists, community advocates, “average Joes”, local businesses, educational institutions, and local politicians and we are pushing for change. It is our belief that simply withdrawing contracts from private prisons will not suffice, thought it is a great start. We are working to shed new light on the lenses through which America has looked at correctional facilities and the justice system. In addition, we are laboring to transform the paradigm upon which the current justice system is built upon.

We invite you to join us in these efforts. Showing your support is as easy as tuning into our weekly shows with our Founder & CEO Elizabeth Charity on Saturday afternoons between the hours of 3 PM and 5 PM.  Join us as we educate the public on the importance of these issues and interview various characters who have something important to say. Our relationships with local entities have granted us truly awesome opportunities to make change. Currently we are even working on developing a new relationship with Virginia’s very own new governor, Glenn Youngkin, with the help of individuals like congressman Rob Wittman and the like.

As we gain more and more momentum, we hope to soon meet with delegates, senators, governors, business owners, and leaders in every capacity to share our story. We believe in a healing America and look forward to the changes that we believe are coming very quickly in 2022. In spite of COVID-19 and various challenges, Youth Corporation, Inc still believes in building better societies—we hope to have you join us along the journey.

Youth Corporation, Inc is raising funds. We have charted shares of stock and we invite you to reach out to us directly in order to learn how you can become a shareholder and make a difference with us. Funds will go to the development of 400+ jobs; property hybrid resident-incubators for vocational training, mentorship, and business development as we turn inmates into social entrepreneurs onsite; funding our project that entails streaming classes into local jails; and more.

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