This article documents YCI’s sister non-profit, Youth Outreach Services, and their activities in the Prince William Juvenile Detention Center. It features Dr. Travis Harris.

Youth Outreach Services (YOS, a nonprofit organization providing services and training to a racially diverse, but mostly Black and Brown, young people who society has defined as “at-risk”).

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Please meet Saa’dia Walker Douglas,
Mrs. Douglas is a Certified Public Accountant with a BSBA and an MBA in Accounting. Saa’dia is a member of the AICPA, VSCPA, and the Richmond Association of Government Accountants, where she served as President of the Richmond Chapter. She has helped establish non-profits and has served on
several boards. Mrs. Douglas has been in business for over 20+ years and has served as the Chief Financial Officer for two multi-million dollar organizations. She was responsible
for financial and strategic planning, forecasting, budgeting, financial and human capital management, and capital projects.

In this episode we’re exploring reforming the criminal justice system. Listen as Kelly Burnett and Iman Shabazz are by interviewed by executive producer and HollyWood screenwriter Richard Whiteside.

Kelly Burnett is a deputy commonwealth’s attorney city of Richmond working for the elected commonwealth’s attorney Colette Mceachin.

Iman Shabazz is the policy advisor for community engagement and reform initiatives within the office of the commonwealth attorney.



In this radio broadcast, Elizabeth Charity speaks with Commonwealth attorney candidate John Barbour. John Barbour advocates for alternative solutions for helping non-violent offenders become healed, productive individuals rather than statistics. You can learn more about this at
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We are excited about what the faith-based organizations are doing to work with Richmond Local Police Department and the Henrico Jail in helping to build healthy and safe communities.  A special shout out to Destiny Center RVA and other churches who help fund  God Free Gas. Special shout out to Officer Kimberly Cheatham. She is the humble and silent voice behind the scenes.  We are hoping to see her in future episodes as the Police Department addresses trauma in the high violence and crime communities..
Dawn Rising is looking forward to having your church or organization  as a guest on Dawn Rising.  You can advertise your church  or organization as you
share what services you are offering the community to transform the criminal justice system and stop the pipeline to Jail for our youth.
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Elizabeth Charity, Founder & CEO of Youth Corporation Inc. regularly hosts talks on The WRWK 93.9. The WRWK a local, community radio station dedicated to bringing important and free information to the public. Community engagement!

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We are excited to release our first official Virtual Town Hall meeting. These meetings are hosted by Youth Corporation, Inc, a Richmond, Virginia based company whose mission is to build better societies and eliminate the pipeline to jails by addressing key issues that affect the welfare of the individual and therefore our society as a whole. In this Virtual Town Hall, Dr. Jay Faber, author of the book “Escape” and unparalleled brain doctor explores the importance of brain health. Listen in as community members engage in the conversation and presentation. Stay tuned for our next meeting! Live Meeting Date: May 25, 2021