We air on WRWK 93.9 FM and the CW-NBC 12 television station in Richmond, Virginia. The names of the programs are “Building Better Societies” (aired every Saturday on WRWK 93.9 FM), and we are actively producing our second season of “Dawn Rising” (premiere episode date and time TBD).

Our television show, Dawn Rising, brings attention to success stories, testimonials, public issues, social reform, and more. We had the opportunity to reach 122 countries through YouTube and over 500 households during our first season of Dawn Rising.

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Youth Corporation, Inc is excited to celebrate the coming end of recidivism. That’s right—we believe that we will not only witness, but take part in the ending of the cycle that promotes divesting disenfranchised communities rather than investing in them. Our mission is to help individuals who are being treated as problems to be treated as people instead. We work tirelessly in an effort to raise awareness about how we can ameliorate the issues of mass incarceration, recidivism, and community devastation. Our goal is simple: end it, all of it, however, a huge mission takes a huge faith and often times requires huge help.

That is why we are following up President Biden’s words with actions of our own. We are doing the heavy lifting: reaching out to local activists, community advocates, “average Joes”, local businesses, educational institutions, and local politicians and we are pushing for change. It is our belief that simply withdrawing contracts from private prisons will not suffice, thought it is a great start. We are working to shed new light on the lenses through which America has looked at correctional facilities and the justice system. In addition, we are laboring to transform the paradigm upon which the current justice system is built upon.

We invite you to join us in these efforts. Showing your support is as easy as tuning into our weekly shows with our Founder & CEO Elizabeth Charity on Saturday afternoons between the hours of 3 PM and 5 PM.  Join us as we educate the public on the importance of these issues and interview various characters who have something important to say. Our relationships with local entities have granted us truly awesome opportunities to make change. Currently we are even working on developing a new relationship with Virginia’s very own new governor, Glenn Youngkin, with the help of individuals like congressman Rob Wittman and the like.

As we gain more and more momentum, we hope to soon meet with delegates, senators, governors, business owners, and leaders in every capacity to share our story. We believe in a healing America and look forward to the changes that we believe are coming very quickly in 2022. In spite of COVID-19 and various challenges, Youth Corporation, Inc still believes in building better societies—we hope to have you join us along the journey.

Youth Corporation, Inc is raising funds. We have charted shares of stock and we invite you to reach out to us directly in order to learn how you can become a shareholder and make a difference with us. Funds will go to the development of 400+ jobs; property hybrid resident-incubators for vocational training, mentorship, and business development as we turn inmates into social entrepreneurs onsite; funding our project that entails streaming classes into local jails; and more.

The official NBC 12 News Article can be found here

Today, the Henrico County Police Chief toured Youth Corporation Inc’s headquarters and CHUBBS BUZZ facility in regards to a partnership that would impact inmates in Henrico County jails. The visit was an opportunity for him to show support and gratitude towards those working hard every day on behalf of our community. The tour was kicked off with a presentation by officials from YCI who discussed how this would improve lives for those reentering society after incarceration, reduce recidivism rates among probationers and parolees as well mitigate gang-related violence on released prisoners through job training programs.

At the CHUBBS BUZZ facilities located in Henrico County, many different cultures are coming together to rebuild the country during the Covid-19 epidemic! This past Labor Day, representatives from Life Church in Atlee, Virginia, friends from Africa, and the families in the community came together to laugh, play games, and relax during the final days of summer. We held an event with a diverse group spanning four generations, two continents, and three countries with representatives from the USA, Africa, and Mexico.

This article documents YCI’s sister non-profit, Youth Outreach Services, and their activities in the Prince William Juvenile Detention Center. It features Dr. Travis Harris.

Youth Outreach Services (YOS, a nonprofit organization providing services and training to a racially diverse, but mostly Black and Brown, young people who society has defined as “at-risk”).

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Please meet Saa’dia Walker Douglas,
Mrs. Douglas is a Certified Public Accountant with a BSBA and an MBA in Accounting. Saa’dia is a member of the AICPA, VSCPA, and the Richmond Association of Government Accountants, where she served as President of the Richmond Chapter. She has helped establish non-profits and has served on
several boards. Mrs. Douglas has been in business for over 20+ years and has served as the Chief Financial Officer for two multi-million dollar organizations. She was responsible
for financial and strategic planning, forecasting, budgeting, financial and human capital management, and capital projects.

In this episode we’re exploring reforming the criminal justice system. Listen as Kelly Burnett and Iman Shabazz are by interviewed by executive producer and HollyWood screenwriter Richard Whiteside.

Kelly Burnett is a deputy commonwealth’s attorney city of Richmond working for the elected commonwealth’s attorney Colette Mceachin.

Iman Shabazz is the policy advisor for community engagement and reform initiatives within the office of the commonwealth attorney.



In this radio broadcast, Elizabeth Charity speaks with Commonwealth attorney candidate John Barbour. John Barbour advocates for alternative solutions for helping non-violent offenders become healed, productive individuals rather than statistics. You can learn more about this at
Share this page to all the people whom you know in Richmond to get out and vote on June 8, 2021!
We are excited about what the faith-based organizations are doing to work with Richmond Local Police Department and the Henrico Jail in helping to build healthy and safe communities.  A special shout out to Destiny Center RVA and other churches who help fund  God Free Gas. Special shout out to Officer Kimberly Cheatham. She is the humble and silent voice behind the scenes.  We are hoping to see her in future episodes as the Police Department addresses trauma in the high violence and crime communities..
Dawn Rising is looking forward to having your church or organization  as a guest on Dawn Rising.  You can advertise your church  or organization as you
share what services you are offering the community to transform the criminal justice system and stop the pipeline to Jail for our youth.
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Elizabeth Charity, Founder & CEO of Youth Corporation Inc. regularly hosts talks on The WRWK 93.9. The WRWK a local, community radio station dedicated to bringing important and free information to the public. Community engagement!

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