On the latest episode of the “Middle Ground with JLE” podcast, Jeffrey L. Edwards sat down with Elizabeth Charity, the Founder of Youth Corporation, Inc. (YCI), to discuss the progress that YCI has made since its inception. YCI is a for-profit corporation that provides educational and professional development opportunities for young adults in underserved communities. During the interview, Elizabeth discussed the challenges that YCI faced in its early days and how the organization has evolved over time.

Elizabeth also discussed YCI’s plans for the future. She stated that the organization is focused on expanding its reach and impact by developing new programs and initiatives that address the specific needs of the communities it serves. In addition, YCI is working to build stronger partnerships with other for-profit and non-profit organizations and community leaders to maximize its impact.

Overall, the interview provided great insight into the work that YCI is doing to support young people in underserved communities. Elizabeth’s passion for the cause was evident throughout the conversation, and it was inspiring to hear about the progress that YCI has made in helping young people achieve their full potential. The “Middle Ground with JLE” podcast is a great platform for sharing stories like this, and we look forward to hearing more about the important work that YCI is doing in the future.

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