Our mission is to build better societies and eliminate the pipeline to jails by addressing key issues that affect the welfare of the individual and therefore our society as a whole.




Youth Corporation, Inc works to provide “socially challenged” young adults with the opportunity to experience true change. Our solutions are creatively engineered to be both strategic and compassionate. We believe that we can break the cycle of recidivism in distressed communities and build better societies if we effectively and affectionately prepare our young adults for life by facilitating authentic, self-actuated growth. In doing so, we help them develop their character and gain the knowledge that they will use as they become sound-minded individuals leading joyful, productive lives.


Invest in the Future

*CHUBBS Buzz stands for Community Health & United: Building Better Societies. What’s the buzz about? It is about the development, acquisition, and expansion of CHUBBS Buzz facilities. These facilities are created to transform at-risk young adults into prosperous, productive, and mentally healthy individuals.

With a focus on workforce development, the CHUBBS Buzz facilities will help individuals draw out their unique purposes while gaining a strong, healthy sense of identity and community. In addition to mental health & wellness, young adults will be prepared for the professional world through on-site financial literacy training, unique mentor-mentee relationships, and other key elements of professional development.


*CHUBBS Buzz Investors LLC is a subsidiary of Youth Corporation, Inc.

Board of Directors